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Enjoy an array of aromatherapy products 100 % soy wax candles, soaps, blends, body butters, scrubs, fragrances and much more.  Locally Hand Made in the Bahamas

Why Choose Us?

Our aromatherapy products are made locally made with 100% natural ingredients with much care and prayer.  We know the importance of valuing your health and wellness which is why we take our time and pride in creating signature scents and blends to provide the aroma and ingredients you need to get the results you are seeking.  At Favored Wellness we believe that it is God's desire to that you should prosper and be in good health even as your soul prospers.  Taking care of you is one of the best things you can do. Creating an evironment for relaxation and peace can help stimulate your success.  Using natural ingredients from the earth and the leaves of trees are for definitely for your healing. When using our products take confidence in knowing that you are FAVORED!.

My husband and I love the aroma and it creates a way for us to relax at home. 

Maxine Butler

I love using the candles for prayer and meditation it really sets the atmosphere for me. 

Pastor Dorothy Eve

I was introduced to the Favored Candle Brand in July of 2019. My first candle was a handcrafted masterpiece, with a special blend of Lavender, Frankincense, Myrr, Essential Oils and a Dr. Hall's signature blend. As a matter of fact it's been 10 mths, and I still have my candle today! It's almost finished, but I savor every moment when I light it for my home. No matter what part of the house I choose to light it, it scents up the whole house. This delicate yet robust candle has is not only fragrant, but it brings a calm and stillness tot he mind. It provokes relaxation. My kids absolutely love it when I use the candle, and I have to remind them that this is no ordinary candle. I've also discovered over the last several months that it has a long burn life, normallyI use it for hours on end, diffuse it, allow whatever remains to set back up, and it's good to go for the next use. I highly recommend you get yours today!Trust me it's a purchase you will not regret!

Marissa Maycock
Nassau, Bahamas

About Us

Dr. Melisa Hall

Store Owner

Dr.  Melisa Hall is an int'l coach, trainer, speaker certified by John Maxwell & Jack Canfield, wife, mother, attorney just to name a few.  She was inspired to create these products after going through a very stressful period in her life.  Her passion for aromatherapy helped her to reset her personal economy by finding the inner peace she needed to move forward after a major setback.  With much prayer and meditation God gave her the idea to create her own brand called FAVORED which is a reminder that despite the crisis she faced she was still FAVORED and could bounce back once she found a way to hit the RESET button.  Aromatherapy, prayer and meditation was her strategy to find strength to succeed.